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Single Tooth Replacement With Dental Implants

Single tooth replacement with dental implants at Neu Family DentalThe loss of one tooth may not seem like a huge deal, particularly when that tooth is out of view from your smile. After all, if there is no gap in your smile, what is the big deal? It is just one tooth. The truth, however, is that even losing one tooth can have a major impact on your oral health and your quality of life. Effects include trouble chewing, possible trouble speaking, an increased risk for gum disease, and the weakening of your jawbone. When the jawbone weakens, it changes shape, which can throw off your bite. This can lead to several other serious issues. So, while it may only be one tooth, it is still essential to replace it. Neu Family Dental can help with dental implants.

Traditional Single Tooth Replacement

Traditionally, a single missing tooth was replaced with a dental bridge. A bridge, usually made from ceramic or porcelain, is a single piece that contains the replacement tooth set between two crowns. The crowns are meant to be placed over the two adjacent healthy teeth. They anchor the restoration on to your healthy teeth, which then hold the restoration securely in place. While still used today, bridges cannot stop the bone loss that follows tooth loss, and therefore require periodic replacement to accommodate these changes.

Dental Implants for Single Tooth Replacement

Dental implants provide an alternative to traditional tooth replacement treatment. An implant consists of three parts. The implant is a small titanium post that is surgically inserted into the jawbone. Your bone fuses to the post, integrating it into the jaw and securing it in place. An abutment is placed on the exposed end of the implant and is used to stabilize the third component, the crown. The crown, made from ceramic, replaces the visible section of your missing tooth, restoring biting, chewing and speaking functions as well as giving you back your beautiful smile.

Why Get a Dental Implant?

There are several advantages to having a dental implant to replace your missing tooth.
•  It looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth.
•  It does not require the alteration of perfectly healthy teeth. The adjacent teeth remain untouched.
•  It is more comfortable.
•  The post mimics your natural tooth root and stimulates the jawbone just like a natural tooth would. This helps to prevent bone loss and preserve the integrity of your jawbone.

How Is the Dental Implant Placed?

Your dental implant requires a surgical procedure. Surgery is done under a local anesthetic as well as sedation. The procedure begins with a small incision in the gum tissue. A hole is then drilled into the jawbone, and the implant post is placed inside. Finally, the gums are sutured closed around the post, and a temporary tooth is placed.

Healing from implant surgery can take several weeks, and up to a few months. During this time, the bone fuses to the titanium post, turning into the root that will support your new crown. We closely monitor your healing with regular follow up exams. Once you have fully healed, we remove the temporary tooth and take an impression. The impression is sent to a dental lab, where the permanent crown is designed and created. Once it is completed and sent back, the crown is screwed into place on the implant.

You might not think your single missing tooth is a big deal. Even if that tooth is out of view, it is still important to have that tooth replaced. Call Neu Family Dental today to schedule your consultation and find out if a dental implant is a solution for you at (847) 230-9143.
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