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Odyssey Diode Laser

Image of diode laser used for periodontal care at Neu Family DentalAt Neu Family Dental, we strive to provide you with the best oral health care possible. To achieve this goal, part of what we do is using the latest dental tools and technologies to perform necessary dental treatments. Traditionally, many types of dental treatments required the use of a scalpel, which not only caused pain and swelling but can also trigger significant anxiety and fear. One way that we can make your treatments easier and less invasive is with the Odyssey laser.

What is the Odyssey Diode Laser?

The Odyssey diode laser is a portable surgical tool that is used for preventative care as well as soft tissue modification and reconstruction. The portable unit is battery powered, making it easy to transport and to be used whenever it is needed. It is also equipped with a touch screen display, which allows us to access different modes as we need them. The Odyssey laser also comes with a wireless foot pedal, which allows us to accommodate the needs of every patient so that we can ensure your comfort during treatment.

How Does the Odyssey Laser Work?

The Odyssey laser works by using a thin, concentrated beam of light. The wavelength of this light can be adjusted to meet some different needs. This also allows the laser light to be selective, which helps us to target bacteria or diseased tissue, leaving perfectly healthy tissue completely intact. As the laser cuts through tissue, it cauterizes, or seals, the tissue as well, which limits bleeding as well as instances of post-surgical infections.

Applications of the Odyssey Laser

The Odyssey laser can be used in some different applications, including:
•  Frenectomies. We can use the laser to release a tight fold of tissue under the tongue or between the upper lip and the gums.
•  Crown lengthening, or the removal of excess tissue to restore a more beautiful smile. Crown lengthening can also be performed to remove excess tissue interfering in crown or filling treatments.
•  Gingivectomy, or removing gum tissue from around the teeth.
•  Gingivoplasty, or reshaping the gum tissue.
•  Treating cold or canker sores.
•  Disinfecting periodontal pockets for gum disease treatment.

The Benefits of the Odyssey Laser

There are several benefits associated with the use of the Odyssey laser.
•  Greater accuracy. We can sculpt soft tissue with very precise movements. We can specifically target diseased tissues, leaving healthy tissue perfectly intact.
•  Minimally invasive. Unlike a scalpel, the laser is minimally invasive. We do not need to make incisions in your soft tissues. The laser cuts and cauterizes at the same time. This limits bleeding during your procedure and reduces pain and swelling after your procedure is complete.
•  The laser can disinfect periodontal pockets during gum disease treatment. It helps to seal periodontal pockets and prevent new bacteria from entering below the gums while you heal.
•  Reduced risk of infection. Because the laser cauterizes as it cuts, there is less risk of developing an infection after the completion of your procedure.
•  Greater patient comfort. The laser is much more comfortable than using a scalpel. There are a very little sensation and the laser works faster. This can be a great relief for patients with dental anxiety.
•  Tissue regeneration. The laser helps to stimulate new tissue growth.

With the Odyssey laser, we can provide you with more accurate, less invasive care, greatly reducing your anxieties about undergoing dental treatments. For more information on the Odyssey laser, and to find out if laser dentistry is right for you, call Neu Family Dental at (847) 230-9143 today.

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