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Magnification and Lighting

 Woman holding magnifying glass over her teethWhen it comes to providing you with the best possible oral health care, we can only treat the issues we can see. There are limits to what can be seen with the naked eye. To provide you with an accurate diagnosis and the best possible treatments, we need to have a better view of everything in your mouth. At Neu Family Dental, we can achieve these goals with magnification and lighting.

Magnification and Lighting in Dentistry

Even the smallest issues in your mouth can lead to significant issues. When examining your mouth or providing you with specific treatments, we need to see these small details to provide you with the most accurate diagnoses and effective treatments possible. Both magnification and lighting allow us to achieve these goals.

You may have noticed that we might wear special headpieces with additional lenses attached to them. Called dental loupes, these allow for us to use different magnification levels to see the most minute details of your teeth and gums. We may also use a clinical microscope for specific procedures like a root canal treatment. Combined with a light source like an overhead light or a dental headlight, which provides spot illumination for eliminating shadows, we able to see your mouth in greater detail.

Providing More Accurate Diagnoses

Your oral health is of the utmost importance to us. Many oral health issues start out small and barely noticeable. You also may not exhibit any symptoms early on. To provide you with a thorough oral exam, we need to be able to see every area of your mouth in great detail. Both magnification and lighting allow us to do just that. With the ability to see the smallest details of your mouth, we can spot the smallest issues, which allow for a more accurate diagnosis. We can differentiate a cavity from a small spot of discoloration.

Improving the Success of Your Treatments

With magnification and lighting, we can collect more detailed information about the condition of your mouth. As a result, we can create a much more effective treatment plan that will provide you with much more effective results. Issues are diagnosed more precisely, which helps us to provide you with better treatment and repair of any issues we find in your mouth. Additionally, by being able to see the smallest details of your mouth, we can perform all procedures more accurately, including microsurgeries.

Higher Quality Treatment

With the ability to see your mouth better, we can handle delicate gum tissue much more carefully. We are also able to provide treatments faster, which results in less time in the chair for you. For those suffering from dental anxiety, shorter visits can greatly increase satisfaction. Also, magnification and lighting allow us to avoid having to sit exceptionally close to your face throughout the duration of your appointment, which also aids in alleviating anxiety.

They are Better for Us as Well

Magnification and lighting are not just good for you. They are make providing you with treatment better for us as well. Having to constantly bend over your mouth can lead to significant back, neck, and shoulder pain. With the assistance of magnification and lighting, we can examine your mouth without having to sit or stand in uncomfortable positions for long periods of time. In addition to improving the quality of your dental experience, it also creates a more pleasant experience for us.

With proper magnification and lighting, we can provide you with exceptional care that helps you to optimize your oral health. Call Neu Family Dental today at (847) 230-9143 for more information.

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