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Early Orthodontics
East Dundee, IL

There is an old saying which states that prevention is better than cure. This has proven to be one of the most accurate statements in history, and when it comes to your oral health, it is extremely accurate. However, there are times that prevention isn’t enough. In these cases, early intervention can mean the difference between retaining your natural teeth or having to look into artificial restorative procedures. At Neu Family Dental, we understand the importance of early detection and prompt orthodontic treatment to minimize or reverse potential long-term issues.

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a treatment process which that focuses on correcting issues with the alignment of a patient's teeth and or jaw. This can mean corrective surgeries or the use of oral appliances such as braces (traditional or Invisalign®), retainers and separators. There are several reasons why someone may need to come and see us for early orthodontic treatment, but the overall goal is to optimize a person’s oral health, overall health, appearance, and self-confidence. These issues can stem from poor oral habits such as nail biting or improper (or neglected) oral hygiene as well as certain genetic factors.

Should You See An Orthodontist?

Aside from simply needing dental braces, there are other reasons why you should speak with our office regarding orthodontic care, which includes:
•  Difficulty chewing or biting.
•  Concerns about an overbite or underbite.
•  Clicking or popping sounds/feelings coming from your jaw.
•  Problems or difficulty with speech.

First Visit

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, patients as young as age seven should see an orthodontist for a thorough dental exam and evaluation. During this time, we will search for common orthodontic problems such as early loss of the baby teeth, cross bites and crowd and treat them before they turn into bigger problems.

We will ask questions to get a better idea of about a person’s oral habits. In the case of children, we will want to know if they previously (or currently) suck their thumb, bite their nails, what they use to drink (bottle, sippy cup, or standard cup), sucking or biting on their lip or tongue as well as any traumas or serious impacts to the mouth and teeth. This will help guide our examination and point out specific areas to pay closer attention to.

Early orthodontics gives us the ability to help with spacing, the alignment of the teeth, expansion of the palatal, and maxillary protraction. This also gives us a good idea on whether or not your child will need braces and what steps we can take to minimize the odds of needing braces or reduce the length of time they would be required to wear them. Not only does early orthodontics help to minimize the type, length and amount of treatment that might be needed, but it also reduces the overall cost of treatment. Waiting to see if the child “grows out” of their symptoms typically is ineffective, resulting in the condition worsening, which generally increases the cost of treatment due to the additional steps that will need to be taken once these symptoms worsen.

Schedule an Appointment

To learn more about early orthodontics or to schedule an appointment, contact Neu Family Dental at (847) 230-9143. We’re always happy to answer your questions and help in whatever way we can.

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Early Orthodontics | Neu Family Dental - East Dundee, IL
At Neu Family Dental, we understand the importance of early detection and prompt orthodontic treatment to minimize or reverse potential long-term issues.
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