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What Do Oral Surgeons Do?

Posted on 8/8/2022 by Bryan Neu
What Do Oral Surgeons Do?Ideally, every specialist works in a medical setup in their experienced and skilled field. You may visit a medical doctor who later refers your case to a periodontist. For instance, for general health care needs, a dentist is ideal, while if you have issues with your teeth alignment or over and under biting, an orthodontist will examine the case. What about gum issues and infections? A periodontist will do great. Unfortunately, most people don't know the roles oral surgeons perform in medical centers.

Root Canals

When severe tooth decay reaches deep inside the teeth, a root canal is vital in eliminating the dead cells and the infectious part to save your teeth. Here, an oral surgeon performs the procedures by cleaning and decontaminating the hollow in your teeth and filling in rubber-like materials to ensure it heals in the desired manner. Failure to consult an oral surgeon for further examinations and treatment will worsen the situation and require complete tooth extraction. You don't want that, do you?

Fitting of Dental Implants

When you visit our offices for teeth replacement, we will refer your case to the oral surgeon's office for treatment. They are experienced and have the necessary education to place dental implants on prospective patients. Although other dental practitioners may as well perform the procedures, we recommend consulting an oral surgeon on the same.

Complex Tooth Extraction Procedures

In most cases, oral surgeons are involved in complex teeth extraction, such as wisdom teeth. These teeth partially emerge and remain beneath the gum surface, causing pain and discomfort. Due to the technicalities involved in extracting wisdom teeth, oral surgeons are recommended to perform the procedures as they have the necessary training and experience.

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