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Toothpaste Flavor Alternatives for Those Who Don't Like Mint

Posted on 2/22/2021 by Bryan Neu
Toothpaste Flavor Alternatives for Those Who Don't Like MintNot everyone likes to brush with a mint toothpaste. That type of tingly sensation can, for some patients, be a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, you do have alternatives if you don't care for a mint-flavored toothpaste.

What Are the Other Toothpaste Flavors?

According to The Toothsayer, a dental information website online, mint is primarily used in toothpastes that contain fluoride because toothpaste is made with ingredients that simply taste awful without any flavoring. Usually, peppermint oil is added to commercial brands, or ADA-recommended toothpastes, to add flavor and introduce the antibacterial properties that other flavors do not include. Many patients are satisfied with mint's breath-freshening qualities. If you don't like mint, you can opt for cinnamon, which also has, according to the site, healthline, antiinflammatory properties that are good for gum health. You can also use a child's toothpaste that has been ADA-approved to compensate for your aversion to mint.

What You Should Know about Using a Flavored Children's Toothpaste that Does Not Contain Mint

Children's toothpastes come in fun and fruity flavors that you can use if you are an adult. However, these toothpastes do not contain as much fluoride as an adult brand. That is because children may develop fluorosis, which forms white spots on the teeth, or suffer kidney damage, if they swallow too much fluoride. Therefore, you have to use a fluoride rinse to compensate. You can find rinses, such as a grape-flavored mouthwash made by Colgate, which has added fluoride, although some patients complain that the grape is not all that notable in the “Gushing Grape” product. However, the mouthwash does not contain mint nor the drying effects of alcohol and is approved by the ADA. Call us about our recommendations if you are not sure what to pick.

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