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Our efforts are to remain open for our patients and community and to keep any and all dental emergencies out of the ER's, hospitals and urgent care centers in order to alleviate the already immense amount of work they are doing to help. We hope everyone is doing well, staying positive and helping each other get thru everything going on. We look forward to seeing everyone again soon!

What to Do if a Filling Sits Too High

Posted on 4/25/2020 by Bryan Neu
What to Do if a Filling Sits Too High Do you have a filling that sits too high on a tooth? If so, you need to contact us about the problem. We can assess the situation and repair the tooth. When patients have fillings inserted, we often ask how they feel – if the filling feels to high. Even if a patient is sure the filling is the right height, a high filling can occur and still must be fixed.

How a High Filling Can Impact Dental Health?

If a filling is too high, it will cause unneeded contact between it and the corresponding teeth. When it contacts these teeth, the filling will swell and inflame the periodontal ligament. The ligament grows tender because of the pressure being placed by the tooth with the ill-fitting filling. The only way to remedy the problem is to ground down the filling. This will reduce the resulting pain and increase dental comfort. You can tell almost instantly that your dentition has returned to normal when the filling is adjusted. If you still experience oral pain after the repair, contact our office. The pain could be happening because of another underlying problem.

Why You Should Call Our Office

If you feel that a filling is causing you tooth pain, we can help. We offer comprehensive oral care for all of our patients, regardless of age. We also offer several dental specialties. Therefore, you can be assured that we can address any dental conditional or questions you may have. Give us a call now to schedule an appointment and consultation. Don't let a filling cause you discomfort when it can be easily fixed. A high filling can distract you from enjoying eating or life in general. If you are experiencing this situation, you can have the filling repaired in a small amount of time. You just need to make a call to us to begin the process. We are always here for you and will help with all of your dental needs.
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