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What We See When Looking Through Intra-Oral Cameras

Posted on 8/30/2018 by Bryan Neu
What We See When Looking Through Intra-Oral CamerasOne of the keys to helping people maintain the best possible oral health is using the best tools. One of the tools at our disposal are Intra-Oral Cameras.

Our patients may expect us to tell them to open wide and say "Ahh", so we can look at their teeth and gums. This is not always the most comfortable thing to do. The intra-oral cameras offer a new way to look at the teeth and gums that benefit both the patient and the dentist.

What is This Tool

The intra-oral camera is essentially a small video camera. It takes x-rays of the teeth and gums and shows them on a video monitor. The camera is typically the size and shape of a pen and includes a disposable sheath over the camera. The dentist moves the camera around in the mouth to take the necessary pictures which are then viewed on the video screen.

It is much faster and easier to take and retake the pictures and it provides the opportunity for the patients to see what the dentist sees as they go through the examination. It takes away the excuse that many patients have that they don't feel like anything is wrong with their teeth, by showing them what the problems are.

What We Look For

Dentists look for different things when they use the intra-oral camera. They look for obvious cavities or other infections of the teeth and gums. They also look for any changes that occur in the teeth and gums.

The camera allows them to put up before and after shots that allow the dentist to see the changes while also allowing the patient to see them. This helps the patient avoid saying that they have not noticed anything.

Technology is an important part of our dental practice. The use of intra-oral cameras is another way to provide people with the best possible dental care while also getting them involved in the care. It does not take long for patients to see what we are seeing when we use the cameras, and this helps them take better care of their teeth.

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