Laser Gum Treatment in Dundee, IL

 As stated in our Mission Statement: we promise to use state of the art techniques and equipment. We will continually update our training and education and we will thoroughly explain your treatment and make your comfort a priority. With our new technology we are able to meet our objectives listed by providing you with the best possible care you can receive.

What We Offer

  • LANAP or Laser Gum Treatment
  • Velscope
  • Diagnodent
  • Odyssey Laser (Diode Laser)
  • Intraoral Cameras
  • Magnification and Lighting
  • ZOOM Teeth Whitening

CEREC by Sirona

Since 1985 CEREC by Sirona has remained the preferred CAD/CAM technology of dentists worldwide for fabrication of all-ceramic dental restorations in a single treatment appointment. CEREC is proven by hundreds of clinical studies and is offered by thousands of dentists to millions of patients around the world each year. It also has the broadest restorative range of any dental CAD/CAM system on the market. Proven performance, unrivaled success, and unequaled capabilities have made CEREC the number one dental CAD/CAM choice for over 28 years.

So why are thousands of people world wide choosing the CEREC restorative technique for their dental needs?

Single Appointment Dental Care

Most dental restorative methods require more than one visit to the dentist. This means that on the first visit, you get an injection of anesthetic, your tooth prepared, an impression taken, and a temporary restoration put on your tooth. You make a second appointment for a couple of weeks later get another injection, have the temporary pried off (if it hasn't fallen off already), and have a permanent restoration put on. Why go to the dentist a second time (or third if the permanent restoration is not perfect and has to be sent back to the lab) when you do not have to? With CEREC, the procedure is done in a single appointment start to finish!

Finest Dental Materials

A CEREC tooth restoration isn't just convenient, it is also healthy. Many years ago dentists had few options to repair decayed or damaged teeth other than amalgam, gold and other metals. With CEREC, Dr. Neu and Dr. Froehlke can use strong, tooth colored ceramic materials to restore your teeth to their natural strength, beauty, and function all in a single visit. These materials closely match the composition of natural tooth structure. This means when you eat hot foods and then drink something cold the restoration and tooth expand and contract at almost equal rates. Your tooth does not crack and you can enjoy your evening. The materials are chemically bonded to your tooth so Dr. Neu and Dr. Froehlke can save as much tooth enamel as possible while providing you with a dental restoration that strengthens the tooth.

Smile Enhancement

Dr. Neu and Dr. Froehlke can use CEREC for more than just crowns and fillings. CEREC is capable of producing any single tooth restoration. Chipped or discolored front teeth can be repaired with beautiful CEREC porcelain anterior crowns or veneers. YOUR SMILE MAKES A LASTING FIRST IMPRESSION. Enhance it with CEREC!

Laser Gum Treatment or LANAP

If you have been told you have moderate to severe periodontal disease or if you have been told to see a specialist for gum surgery, Dr Neu would like you to consider an alternative to conventional "scalpel and suture" gum therapy. If you have been told you are going to lose your teeth due to gum disease, Dr Neu invites you to see us for a complimentary second opinion. LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is a more effective, more comfortable laser alternative.

This clinically proven FDA approved protocol is shown to not only be more effective, it also greatly reduces the pain and recovery time compared to conventional treatment. Most people resume normal activities the same day.

Dr. Neu is one of fewer than 900 dentists in the entire country that is certified in this technique. He is the only dentist in Kane County, IL with the required fellowship from the Institute of Advanced Laser Dentistry to perform the procedure.

Gum disease is the major cause of tooth loss in adults and has been shown to be contagious between spouses. So please protect your loved one by taking care of yourself.

CALL TODAY for a consultation to see if you're a candidate for LANAP.

VELSCOPE- Advanced Oral Cancer Screening

The Velscope uses a safe blue light and fluorescence technology to show differences between normal and abnormal tissues in the mouth. Looking through a special lens, Dr. Neu and Dr. Froehlke can detect changes several cell layers deep in the early stages that frequently can not be seen by the naked eye.

* Oral cancer kills one person every hour in North America
* Oral cancer has 3 times as many victims as cervical cancer
* If you are over 40, smoke and drink alcohol you are at an increased risk to develop oral cancer
* Nearly half of oral cancer patients are expected to die within 5 years because of a late diagnosis, however when detected early it is 80% to 90% survivable.
* Unfortunately, only 35% of case are diagnosed in the early stages.

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Prevention and early detection are the standards of Dr. Neu and Dr. Froehlke and of modern dentistry. Our diagnodent laser helps us to detect decay at its earliest stages allowing us to protect and preserve healthy tooth structure. Small cavities are easily detected and treated to prevent more involved procedures like root
canal therapy and crowns. A safe and pain free laser light is used to scan the tooth surface and grooves for early hidden decalcifacations or decay.

Odyssey laser (Diode Laser)

Our state-of-the-art soft tissue laser is used to gently reshape and contour the gums to enhance your smile. Dr. Neu and Dr. Froehlke can also use the laser to treat canker sores, cold sores and apthous ulcers. We can treat fever blisters or cold sores when you first feel the tingle and stop the break out. By passing the laser over the area, we can ensure an easy resolution and quick healing of the lesion.

CALL when you first feel the tingle!!

Intraoral Cameras

Communication is an important part of modern dentistry. Using our intraoral cameras that magnify up to 45X, Dr. Neu and Dr. Froehlke and our hygiene team will use this powerful tool to help explain treatment. Small fractures and microscopic problems are easily diagnosed. You can become a co-diagnoser by seeing the same things Dr. Neu and Dr. Froehlke are examining.


Magnification and Lighting

Dr. Neu, Dr. Froehlke and our Hygiene team use magnification so they can easily see every detail in your mouth. By using these state-of-the-art magnifying lenses with their precise lighting the finest details are easily achieved. The thoroughness of all procedures is optimized. 

ZOOM Teeth Whitening

Your smile is the way you greet the world. Why not put your best self forward with the confidence of a more beautiful smile?

When it comes to whitening, your dentist is your best resource. Only dental professionals have access to the professional-strength whitening of Philips Zoom. It is the #1 patient-requested professional whitening treatment. In fact, over 10 million patients have already used Zoom to achieve brighter, healthier smiles!

The Procedure is simple and fast. Your teeth can get up to 8 shades whiter in a simple one hour session!