Our Team

Our doctors are honored to be working with their staff of superstars. The entire staff of Friendly, Caring Professionals helped formalize and put into writing the Neu Family Dental mission statement. They are devoted to optimizing and maintaining your Oral Health.

Preventative Maintenance Department

Bonnie, Melissa & Shanna, our dental hygienists, are graduates of Harper College Dental Hygiene School. They are very concerned about your comfort and show it with their "gentle" touch. They are from the Northwest suburbs and have a background in dentistry going back to high school days. Compassionate, Caring, conscientious, gentle, informative and comprehensive are some of the comments patients have had about Melissa, Angela, Bonnie and Shanna.


When you enter our office or call on the phone you will be greeted by the smiling faces and cheery voices of Jill, Liz, Kathy and Elizabeth. They truly enjoy working with patients to optimize their oral health by helping with the "paper/computer work". They will assist with scheduling convenient appointments and help with financing options.

Very experienced with dental insurance, our front office superstars will verify and explain your coverage and be your advocates in receiving the benefits to which you are entitled. 

Clinical Assistants

Christine, Korin, Miranda and Wilma are our clinical assistants and have over 60 years of combined dental experience. These compassionate clinical superstars are truly friendly caring professionals. They are dedicated to your comfort and safety. They strictly maintain sterilization and cross contamination protocols using standard recommendations by theAmerican Dental Association, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Center for Disease Center (CDC). Working very closely with Dr. Neu and Dr. Froehlke, they can explain treatment and any of your concerns about treatment.


At Neu Family Dental we enjoy getting to know you and helping to personalize your dental treatment in a friendly, caring, professional manner. It is our aim to make you a part of the family.