Kid Dentist in Dundee, IL 

Kids need dental care just as much as adults do-if not more, since the way their teeth come in when they're small will affect their smiles forever. But it's normal for parents to be worried about taking their children to the dentist, especially when they fear their kids could get scared.

But with Neu Family Dental, kids' dentistry has never been easier. We make sure your kids feel safe and happy while they're in our office, and our dental care protects your children's teeth from painful cavities and tooth decay.

For a reliable kid dentist in Dundee, IL, you can't do better than Neu Family Dental.

Dental Services That Keep Your Child's Smile Bright

Kids deserve to feel safe and happy wherever they are. In our calm office, your children can relax while they learn how to care for their teeth.

We offer a variety of services that ensure your kids' teeth grow in right and stay healthy and strong while they develop:

  • Infant tooth care and primary tooth care. Starting with the very first tooth to grow in, your child's primary teeth require special attention. We'll assess and clean your child's primary teeth so they stay strong until the permanent teeth grow in.  
  • Baby bottle tooth decay. If children go to bed with bottles of juice or milk, their primary teeth can start to decay. We'll check for this type of tooth decay and give you tips on how to avoid it.
  • Sealants and fillings. Sealants are easy-to-apply coverings that prevent cavities from forming. If your child does have a cavity, we can solve the problem with a filling.
  • Cavity treatment and prevention. Avoiding cavities starts early. At your child's six-month dental checkup, we'll ensure he or she has a cavity-free mouth.
  • Space maintainers. If your child loses a tooth too early, the other teeth can crowd together. A space maintainer holds the space in your child's mouth so the permanent tooth can grow in normally.
  • Ortho-Tain. This method of tooth straightening skips brackets in favor of plastic, invisible liners, which makes them perfect for children.  

Our staff members are thoroughly trained in all aspects of kids' dentistry. When you work with us, the dentist won't feel like a place you're forced to go-instead, we aim for it to be a place you and your kids want to go. We make sure you leave with a smile on your face.

To meet with our kid dentist in Dundee, IL, call 847-426-3000.