Any and all treatment at NEU FAMILY DENTAL will be based on a thorough exam. It is important that you understand any treatment options and why they are important to your oral health. Whether the treatment plan is regular preventative cleanings or a full mouth rehab, we will make sure you are educated on the procedures and why they are necessary.

Every patient will recieve a complete and thorough initial Exam with Co-Diagnosis. We use Intraoral Cameras and take a set of images inside the mouth to show you, the patient, exactly what we are seeing. By magnifying up to 45X, we will be able examine, explain and record any conditions in and around your mouth. Thi allows us to determine the best possible treatment options and create a plan for you.

We also do Full Mouth Radiographs, Panoramic and Bite-wing X-rays as a set of a complete series of x-rays. Doing this allows us to get a much more in depth idea of the correct treatment for our patients.

Oral Cancer Screenings & VELSCOPE exams are also avaliable. Click HERE for an informational video about Velscope

Sealants are another procedure that we provide in order to keep your mouth at optimum health.

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